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xFold Dragon x8 RTF U11 Drone, 8 Propellers, U11 Motor – for Long Flights

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xFold Dragon x8 RTF U11 Drone, 8 Propellers, U11 Motor – for Long Flights

  • xFold Dragon X8 RTF KDE Drone
  • Gremsy H16 for xFold Gimbal
  • DJI NAZA Flight Control System
  • CONNEX Wireless HD Video Link for UAVs
  • SD FPV Camera with 5.8G Video Downlink
  • iOSD Mini On Screen Display
  • 2x WXGA FPV Monitor with IPS LCD
  • 2x Futaba 8FG Super for xFold 14-Channel Transmitter
  • 8x T-Motor U11 Motor for xFold/ESC Pair
  • 8x 28″ Carbon Fiber Propeller
  • Travel Case
  • 2x 22000mAh LiPo Flight Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • xFold 12 Month Service Plus Warranty

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The Dragon platform is xFold’s Supercarrier featuring great flexibility designed for wide range of applications and carrying +30 kg loads. Medical equipment, dual Red epics for filming in 3D, or as a carrier of smaller sUAV drones, the xFold DRAGON sparks the imagination of military & commercial professionals all over the world. This xFold Dragon comes with a default x8 (8 motors & propellers set) configuration, dual operator set up, gimbal system, a travel case and 2 Lipo batteries. xFold sUAV Drones are FAA Certified Aircrafts.

With a signature carbon fiber frame, foldable design and modular rotor configuration xFold is built with strong & lightweight materials making it easier to travel with. Upon arrival the patent pending mechanism unfolds and you’ll be ready to fly within minutes with no extra assembly time. The xFold unique engineering designed to keep central gravity 100% balanced and spreads the payload equally over a large surface area in tough weather conditions. Once you are done shooting for the day, the prop arms fold up and legs remove for easy transport.

This ready-to-fly (RTF) bundle is designed to function as a nearly complete system. To start, it includes a 3-axis brushless gimbal for cameras, such as the Alexa mini or Red Epic, weighing up to 8 pounds. For high quality monitoring from the cinema camera, there is a 1080p60 HD downlink plus there is an SD resolution FPV camera with 5.8G video transmitter for the benefit of the pilot. An OSD module enables the pilot to see key flight data superimposed over the FPV image (receiver and FPV goggles available separately). For control, the multi-rotor incorporates DJI’s Naza V2 flight control system along with two advanced 14-channel transmitters one for piloting and one dedicated to gimbal operation. Two 22,000 mAh flight batteries giving you 12 cell of power. Finally, there is a freight case to pack the aircraft, gimbal, monitor, and the rest of the included accessories away in for transport or storage.

Aircraft & Frame
Designed for heavy lifting and extended flight operations, such as Search & rescue, and cinematographers the xFold foldable frame is built with strong, lightweight materials designed to keep central gravity 100% balanced and spreads the payload equally over a large surface area.

• Toray 3K Weave Carbon Fiber frame construction
• Folded configuration: 900mm (L) x 501mm (W)
• Flight configuration: 1055mm (L) x 1057mm (W) x 719mm (H)
• Propeller Size: 28 x 8.5 Inch
• Weight: 35.3 lbs (16kg)

Gremsy H16 Gimbal for Cinema Cameras
Developed for cinematography and aerial film making in professional environment, the included gimbal will support payloads of up to 16 lbs. Driven by three brushless motors, the gimbal provides camera stabilization and helps compensate for unwanted motion such as wind buffeting the multi-rotor. Additionally, the gimbal enables the camera to be moved independently of the aircraft – a second transmitter is included for dedicated gimbal operation.

Amimon CONNEX Wireless HD Video Link
The CONNEX system enables you to view a live, near-zero latency, feed from your cinema camera at up to 1080p60 resolution. Suitable for framing as hot composition as well as FPV, the transmitter boasts a range of up to 3300′ line-of-sight (depending on conditions). The transmitted signal is encrypted to help prevent eavesdropping. Additionally, the transmitter can link to up to four receivers for production here multiple users need to keep an eye on what’s happening (additional receivers available separately).


FPV Camera and 5.8G Video Downlink
A 900 TVL resolution FPV camera is included to give the pilot a first-person, “eye-in-the-sky” perspective from the multi-rotor. The video feed is relayed back to the ground end via a 5.8 GHz, 600mW video transmitter (receiver and FPV goggles available separately).

Note: The video transmitter requires a HAM radio license for operation in FCC regions

DJI iOSD mark II
To accompany the 5.8G downlink from the FPV camera, the iOSD module overlays telemetry data on top of the video feed keeping the pilot apprised of vital flight stats, such as speed, GPS coordinates, battery voltage, and more

2 Radio Systems for Pilot & Camera Operator

WXGA Monitor
• A WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution monitor is included for use as an FPV display or to monitor the feed provided by the CONNEX from the DSLR or cinema camera
• IPS panel for wide viewing angle
• 400 nits brightness and 800:1 contrast ratio
• HDMI and composite video inputs
• 3.5mm headphone jack and speaker
• Peaking focus assist
• Camera 5D II Mode
• Check Field: Red, green, blue, or mono
• Screen Markers: 80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 96%, and 2.35:1
• Image Flip: Up/down, left/right

xFold 8FG Super 14-Channel Transmitters
• Futaba for xFold, 8FG Super transmitter are included: one to pilot the aircraft and one for the gimbal function of the camera
• 14 total transmitter channels – 12 proportional and two switched
• User menu allows pilots to customize and display frequently used functions
• VPP (Variable Pitch Propeller) compatibility can be set to three conditions for throttle and pitch curve
• Swash trim can be adjusted from the swash screen
• SensorTouch programming maximizes navigation ease Low latency plus 2048 resolution combine to maximize responsiveness
• Accepts SD memory cards up to 2GB in size (available separately)

Flight Controller

Free Ground Station Function – 16 point Ground Station is available free for both iPad and PC, without serial number verification. 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink required.

New Assistant Software for Smartphone – Using a BTU with power efficient Bluetooth, parameters can be adjusted at any time through a smartphone without excessive power use. Connection records are automatically stored by the Bluetooth module and protected by password. Parameters can be automatically synchronized to the cloud restored immediately when mobile devices are changed.

Enhanced Failsafe Mode – If the connection between the multirotor and the remote control are disconnected during flight, a failsafe system will activate. Provided there was enough GPS signal at the time of the disconnection, the multirotor will fly back to its point of takeoff and land automatically. This feature can also be triggered manually using the One-Key Go-Home function activated using Assistant.

Multi-rotor One-power Output Fail Protection – If a motor fails in flight in attitude or GPS mode it will maintain its altitude and rotate around the stopped motor. This allows it to fly safely back to home and land.

Advanced & Improved Attitude Stabilization Algorithm – Features high stability and maneuverability with and without GPS. Built into it are automatic GPS course correction plus GPS and compass interference monitoring, which combine to offer more stable flight and minimal magnetic interference.

Intelligent Orientation Control – Forward on a multirotor is normally the direction the nose is facing, which can get confusing when turning, but with IOC switched on, direction is hugely simplified.

Service Plus
xFold Service Plus is a Limited Liability Maintenance Service agreement and Includes parts and labor for 12 months of maintenance service from date of delivery to ensures that the drone is maintained and components checked or replaced periodically. Parts damaged by user/crash not covered. Shipping is not included.

xFold Dragon Features

  • Frame is designed, manufactured, built and assembled in the USA
  • Supercarrier payload capacity of up to +66 lbs (+30 kg)
  • Great for Search & Rescue, industrial applications, as well as 2 cinema cameras
  • Dual operators (Pilot + Camera) – Full HD live downlink
  • DJI NAZA V2 flight control system – compatible with all commercial grade flight controllers
  • Modular (X8 or X12) & folds down to ~30% of flight configuration for easy transport
  • Payload distributed over a large surface area to maximize efficiency
  • Unique engineering designed to keep central gravity 100% balanced with quick release sliding gimbal mounting system
  • 12 month xFold Service Plus Warranty
xFold Dragon x12 RTF U11 Drone, 12 Propellers, U11 Motor - for Heavy Winds